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Hochiki Europe ACD-EN addressable multi-sensor with CO detection

FireVu Multi Detector Smoke, heat and flame early warning visual detection device

Kentec Taktis Fire Alarm Control Panel

Apollo XP95-55000-600APO Optical Smoke Detector

Overcoming fire safety challenges in the paper industry

The 3rd Annual California Fire-Prone Landscape Sustainable Management: Grazing for Community Resilience

Wildfire seminar on weather, water, weeds, and wildlife

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Flame-retardant fibers provide protection and comfort for firefighters

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4 ways to turnkey fire safety systems

At AMKUS, our mission is to provide rescuers with tools to save human lives. We are committed to creating the best rescue system for this noble goal. Only the highest quality tools are good enough. no others. This is why we at AMKUS are always two steps ahead of all those who make rescue tools only as a sideline. One is our design, the other is our quality. At AMKUS, quality is life!

ZIEGLER Group has production plants and companies in Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Indonesia. It is one of the world's most important manufacturers of firefighting vehicles and equipment and a market leader in various countries. We have agencies and partners all over the world. The parent company is located in Giengen/Brenz, Germany, with an area of ​​approximately 80,000 square meters and 650 employees. The total number of employees in the ZIEGLER Group is approximately 1,000. Today, our most important area is the manufacture of fire trucks. We produce standard and special vehicles, all manufactured according to the special requirements of each customer. Since the start of vehicle production, more than 20,000 fire trucks of various sizes and types have been produced. In addition to user-specific fire truck engineering design, ZIEGLER's core competitiveness is fire pump technology. Pumps range from portable pumps with a capacity of 200 l/min to fire pumps with a capacity of 10,000 l/min. Our leading position is also confirmed by the astonishing number of 100,000 ZIEGLER fire pumps manufactured and delivered. The pump scheme is supplemented by innovative fire fighting technology to ensure efficient fire fighting. The diverse and often patented solutions in the field of vehicle and pump structures and fire protection technology are now also available as components to our global partners. Another area of ​​our business is our high-quality ZIEGLER fire hose. Approximately 1.5 million meters of hoses of various sizes are produced annually. The hose plan is supplemented by our own full range of hose care equipment. In addition to the above products, ZIEGLER also owns a wide range of firefighting equipment and items, and owns the exclusive right to sell ZIEGLER. ZIEGLER-One-stop service!

Since 1989, ASL Safety & Security has been involved in voice alarm systems for the railway and airport industries. The comprehensive range of equipment developed from this experience enables the smallest independent to the largest network voice alarm system to be implemented in a cost-effective manner, with complete and clear compliance with all relevant safety standards. Infrastructure systems are increasingly integrated into a single control front end for voice alarm systems and other customer information systems such as passenger information displays, help points, and access control. Therefore, a centralized control suite is being developed to supervise the entire site information and security system, including Customer Information System (CIS), Automatic Digital Voice Announcer (DVA), Long-Term Public Address (LLPA), and Monitoring and Data Acquisition and Maintenance Functions (SCADA)) . ASL's iVENCS field control system uses leading display and system design technology to provide the best of this new type of control system. Generally, the control network of these highly integrated systems is implemented using Internet Protocol (IP) interfaces, and the audio network is implemented using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. ASL's control system can be seamlessly integrated through a large network using IP technology, and provides powerful Long Line control and broadcast functions.  

Autronica Fire and Security (AFS) is an international company headquartered in Trondheim, one of Norway's largest cities. The company is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and has more than 319 employees with extensive experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of fire safety equipment. The total turnover is approximately 500 NOK. Our philosophy The company's strategy and philosophy are clearly embodied in its business philosophy: protecting life, environment and property. Business philosophy "Autronica Fire and Security protects lives, environment, and property by meeting customer needs for fire detection, notification and suppression." Vision "We will continue to seek better and safer solutions to ensure personal safety and reduce Unnecessary fire risks and related hazards contribute."

Bristol Uniforms is a leading international brand that meets the diverse needs of professional firefighters in the UK and more than 110 countries/regions through a network of more than 70 distributors. The company's personal protective equipment (PPE) range includes head-to-toe structures, technical rescue (USAR) and field firefighting suits. Bristol’s in-house design team worked with leading international fiber and fabric manufacturers, including DuPont, PBI Performance Products, and WL Gore, and inspired the design of many new products made by Bristol in the UK and Europe. An integrated approach to organic and sustainable growth has introduced several innovative designs that have helped to obtain new business in the UK and many international markets. Recent new products include Bristol's innovative XFlex™ structural fire protection kit that complies with EN 469:2005; and the RescueFlex™ technical rescue/USAR kit. LayerFlex™ is a layered clothing method. Only 3 types of clothing are needed to provide structural, technical rescue and field fire protection PPE, which can be used in different combinations to provide appropriate protection. A series of internally designed firefighter gloves and fire shields complement the various fire protection jackets and trousers available. In 2017, Bristol was awarded a contract to provide fire protection PPE for a new collaborative procurement framework that can be used by all local authority fire and rescue services across the UK. The framework provides access to a collection of high-quality PPE while saving a lot of time and resources by simplifying and streamlining the procurement process. The lifelong clothing maintenance method, through a series of management service options, helps to optimize the service life of the firefighter’s PPE, reduce the long-term total cost of ownership, and provide proven and value-for-money solutions for firefighting and rescue services around the world.

Located in Tampere, Finland, Bronto Skylift is the global market leader in vehicle hydraulic platforms. The Bronto Skylift platform can be divided into two categories according to application areas: rescue and firefighting platforms, and access platforms. The company has designed and manufactured platforms for nearly 50 years. During this period, it has delivered more than 5,500 units to fire brigades and industrial customers on all continents in more than 120 countries. Bronto Skylift has two factories in Finland: the headquarter is in Tampere, and the production plant is in Pori. The company has subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Bronto Skylift has been part of the Federal Signal Corporation since 1995.

CET Fire Pumps Mfg has been manufacturing reliable, high-quality portable fire pumps for more than 80 years. The origin of CET Fire Pumps Mfg can be traced back to 1908. At present, CET Fire Pumps MFG provides a full range of portable fire pumps, with more than 20 standard models to choose from, including gas and diesel engines, skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, floating, etc. In addition, we provide customized manufacturing to meet your special requirements. CET Fire pumps Mfg currently produces more than 1,500 pumps annually from its manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States, serving the domestic and international markets. In addition to personalized customer service, our expertise in the development and production of portable fire pump products enables us to provide unparalleled value in the portable fire pump market.

CMC is a designer, manufacturer and global distributor of rescue and aerial work equipment, as well as a world-renowned emergency response educator. Their tools, education and training are used by professionals in the fire, USAR, wilderness rescue, rigging, tactics and aerial work industries. As the co-founders of Professional Rope Technicians Association (SPRAT), International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) and International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA), they are always committed to innovation in all aerial work industries. CMC is an employee-owned company and an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing plant.

Dafo Fomtec AB is a private company, headquartered in Tyresö, Sweden, and factory in Helsingborg, Sweden. We are committed to providing high-quality and innovative products to the professional fire protection market, which is reflected in our continuous attention to product development and quality assurance. Our customers all over the world like our strong customer-centric demand, and we are proud of our competitive price and punctual delivery.

Dräger is an international leader in the field of medical and safety technology. The family business was founded in Lübeck, Germany in 1889. In the past five generations, Dräger has developed into a listed global group. The company's long-term success is based on the four key advantages of its value-driven culture: closeness to customers, professional staff, continuous innovation, and a commitment to excellent quality. "Technology for life" is the guiding philosophy. Whether it is for clinical applications, industry, mining or fire and emergency services, Dräger products can protect, support and save lives. The security department provides customers with integrated risk management products and services, especially personal and facility protection. The current product portfolio includes fixed and mobile gas detection systems, respiratory protection equipment, fire training systems, professional diving equipment, and alcohol and drug detection devices. The current product range of the medical department includes anesthesia workstations, ventilators for first aid, critical illness and home care, and thermotherapy for premature infants. Patient monitoring, IT solutions, accessories and consumables, ceiling supply devices, lighting systems and medical gas central supply systems complete the product portfolio. Dräger has approximately 10,000 employees worldwide and currently operates in more than 190 countries. The company has sales and service subsidiaries in more than 40 countries. Its development and production facilities are located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa, the United States and China.

Elkhart Brass is the most experienced manufacturer of innovative fire protection and fire fighting equipment in the industry. Elkhart products can be used in fire departments, construction systems and offshore drilling sites around the world, as well as military, marine and industrial fire protection applications. Known for its commitment to quality, value and customer service, Elkhart celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002. Since its establishment, the company has been owned and operated by the same family and has entered the fourth generation of management. Elkhart Brass is still operating at its original location in Elkhart, Indiana. In addition to manufacturing and management, the site also includes product development, engineering, and product testing. Elkhart produces 2,000 products, which are used in almost every aspect of fire protection.

Geography Wuhan Daode Infrared Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan China Optics Valley in central China. With 2 "top ten universities" nearby, there are sufficient human resources. History Kai Tak Infrared was founded by Mr. Huang Li in 1999. Qi Tak Infrared is going through the audit process to become a listed company on the Shenzhen Chinese stock market. Culture We have more than 600 well-educated employees. We only develop, produce, and sell infrared cameras/thermal imagers (two alternative names) and their services and solutions, and we are doing very well. Guide Infrared always maintains a positive, open and patient culture, and encourages employees to contribute to the realization of the team's goals while personally growing professionally and personally. Chapter Guide Infrared has 3 chapters, divided by product. Thermal imaging system Our thermal imaging system is always innovative in design and very friendly to all our customers. The unique MobIR series, the rugged EasIR series and the professional ThermoPro TP series can meet the requirements of all applications (such as predictive and preventive maintenance, non-destructive testing, research and development, online process control) from beginners to IR experts. Commercial Vision System Our commercial vision system was born to meet the growing needs of emerging industries. Infrared thermal imaging products can also play an important role, such as vehicle night vision, marine navigation, security monitoring, fire protection, search and rescue, law enforcement, etc. The government system Our government system is the condensing of all our technical capabilities and quality spirit. The comprehensive integration of optics, mechanics, electronics and image processing makes Guide

HALE PRODUCTS is the world's leading supplier of professional equipment for the emergency service market. HALE has extensive manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, with representative offices and distributors around the world, producing vehicle-mounted and portable fire pumps, ventilation systems, and Class 1 electronic instrument series. HALE is the location of the internationally recognized GODIVA brand fire pumps, which provide services in more than 100 countries. HALE is an independent manufacturer with decades of experience in fine-tuning products that are at the core of the lifesaving business. Hale Products Europe is part of IDEX Corporation, a global leader in fluid handling technology for positive displacement pumps, dispensing equipment, and other highly engineered products. IDEX is a diversified manufacturing company with global production, design and distribution capabilities. The company is committed to achieving operational excellence through the use of improvement, lean, Six Sigma and global procurement practices.

Firefighters all over the world rely on Hannay Reels. For decades, Hannay Reels has set the quality and reliability standards for hose reels in the firefighting industry. When supplying equipment manufacturers and after-sales fire departments around the world, Hannay consistently meets the needs of the industry. With Hannay scrolls, there is no need to empty, stack or drag. In addition, firefighters like to attack quickly and receive alarms quickly. By developing internationally recognized standard models and customizing unique applications, Hannai continues to meet the specific needs of vehicles or fire departments. Our fire reels are available in various sizes and capacities, which can effectively use vehicle space. Many options and configurations are available to meet your needs at any time.

Designer and manufacturer of innovative life safety solutions

Holmatro Rescue Equipment develops, manufactures, sells and services high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical rescue equipment. With a comprehensive dealer network on all continents, three manufacturing plants in the Netherlands (headquarters), the United States and Poland, and a representative office in China, we provide our products and services to fire and rescue organizations around the world. Mastering power is at the core of Holmatro's vision. The common basic premise of all our products is that only the used electricity can be used effectively. Holmatro rescue tools allow rescuers to apply the powerful forces generated by the equipment in a practical, controllable and safe manner. Through the development of innovative, reliable, and high-quality rescue equipment, Holmatro strives to contribute to the daily success of rescuers in performing critical life-saving tasks.

We manufacture fire-fighting equipment and environmental primary and secondary containment. With countless years of experience in the portable water tank and primary/secondary container industry, including 20 years of product design experience, Husky has the knowledge and technology to custom design and manufacture products according to customer specifications. Husky Portable Containment manufactures and designs fire protection and environmental protection products. With countless years of experience in the portable water tank and primary/secondary container industry, including 20 years of product design experience, Husky has the knowledge and technology to custom design and manufacture products according to customer specifications. We offer a variety of steel and aluminum folding frame water tanks in different sizes, material options (vinyl and our exclusive EXLON™) and color options. We can design a fuel tank to meet your needs, there is never a custom fee, we price according to gallons. Our unique "Easy Lift Handles" (patent pending, published on June 10, 2010) is installed on all Husky inner tanks (standard), making Husky's portable frame water tank the easiest and fastest to fold, and Any stagnant water can be easily removed. Husky also designed a "clampless frame" to ensure the safety of firefighters. No longer pinch your hands or fingers in the folding area of ​​the water tank. There are no bulky attachments to hinder. Firefighter tested and approved! Husky also invented the quick release drain sleeve. No more ropes to hit, no more loose sleeves and loss of water supply. We provide a 10-year warranty for all welds and welds! Husky continues to set benchmarks for folding frame tanks and related industries. Our design team's innovative efforts in the field of water shuttle products are ongoing and will never end. We listen to our customers and launch the easiest-to-use, most durable and safest products on the market today! Please visit our website for a list of all our products. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our top concerns. Whether you need customized applications, new products or one of our standard products, Husky's quality and service are what you expect from leading manufacturers.

IVECO MAGIRUS-the centralized ability of global fire protection! For more than 140 years, MAGIRUS has been synonymous with the highest level of fire fighting technology. In cooperation with Iveco, a global brand renowned for its chassis manufacturing capabilities, the combination of a special fire-fighting chassis and a customized superstructure, as well as a transformation that has been proven thousands of times, has been combined for decades. The resulting practicality of "only one manufacturer" is not only unique in the entire industry, but also very cost-effective and very pragmatic for our customers: do they have a contact person to handle all issues? And reliable partners to deal with all possible situations. Under the roof-top brand Iveco MAGIRUS, the three sub-brands act together-due to their respective product ranges-as MAGIRUS, LOHR MAGIRUS and CAMIVA, serving a wide range of different markets. With these three operating brands, IVECO MAGIRUS provides an unparalleled product range for all fire brigades and services around the world. The continuous dialogue with customers of our base, the umbrella organization of the fire department and its professional committees is the reason and absolute prerequisite to ensure that IVECO MAGIRUS will continue to be one of the most innovative fire truck manufacturers in the future. A large number of globally protected patents, the highest surface treatment quality, a long service life and the highest safety express the commitment of all IVECO MAGIRUS employees to always go all out. The company consistently uses any synergy for specific goals; our innovative capabilities and economic-oriented thinking have been proven time and time again. For example, the new turntable ladder DLK 23-12 CS GL-T (computer-stabilized articulated boom ladder with telescope), the utility vehicle MultiStar and the innovative MultiTrailer concept. In addition to its unique product and model series, IVECO MAGIRUS also provides everything that global participants expect: comprehensive services, comprehensive training, professional advice and consultation, and continuous further development of its products? For the benefit of our customers , And more importantly, for all those who need help and rescue from IVECO MAGIRUS products.

Intelagard is a private company located in Colorado, founded in 1991 by Dennis Smagac and John Breedlove. Intelagard's first system uses advanced compressed air foam technology designed to protect high-risk properties from wildfires. Continuous product development has resulted in the company now owning a number of patents. Intelagard products have won numerous awards for innovation. For more than a decade, Intelagard has manufactured tactical, multi-purpose compressed air foam solutions for first responders, military, homeland security and domestic preparation personnel, and industry. The Intelagard system is specially designed to deal with a variety of disasters. The same device can be used for steam suppression on Monday, laboratory purification on Tuesday, and fire extinguishing on Wednesday. Simply change the formula as needed. The patented Intelagard technology produces a unique foam bubble structure that can even adhere to glass and inverted metal surfaces. Economical, easy to operate and maintain, all Intelagard systems use commercially available foams and bioremediation agents. Intelagard series products are versatile and reliable, providing cost-effective and powerful emergency response solutions. For proven purification capabilities, fire suppression, vapor suppression, hazardous material containment and cleanup, and industrial leak remediation, Intelagard has a system to meet your needs.

When the job requires high-quality professional fire protection equipment, excellent service and extraordinary value, today's fire protection industry professionals appoint Kochek. This is because over the years, Kochek has established a good reputation for reliable, high-quality American manufacturing methods, and cares about protecting people and their environment. Kochek's special fire-fighting equipment is the product of talented craftsmen using the most advanced equipment. They are committed to meeting the latest challenges in the industry and every need of their customers. To ensure excellent working performance, Kochek uses high-strength, lightweight aluminum material, which is professionally designed and has no pores. Our advanced powder-coated finishes include K-Coat, K-Brite, polished aluminum finishes and K-Chrome for easy-to-identify colors. Before we laser engrave each customer's name and logo, any part is incomplete. To ensure the best interests of the environment, Kochek uses only recyclable materials in the manufacturing process. We also operate CNC machines that do not require cutting oil. Since Kochek hoses and other products are the first choice in environmental restoration operations, we are constantly working to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. To ensure the best value for our customers, Kochek provides the highest quality products and the highest level of service. On-time delivery and personalized response are standard features of Kochek's thoughtful customer service. Kochek is already the largest manufacturer of PVC lightweight suction hoses in the United States. It has unique advantages and can provide you with advanced and flexible special fire-fighting equipment options. Please call your Kochek representative to learn more about these outstanding products made for you in the United States.

The origin of plant-derived smart solutions For 80 years, we have been focusing on areas other than fibers. LENZING™ is committed to providing the best quality products and services and meeting the needs of our partners through smart solutions. Our raw materials are produced in an environmentally responsible manner and meet strict performance standards. They cover a range of industrial applications and continue to demonstrate their value in various products in everyone's daily life. Lenzing™ industrial products use Lenzing™ plant fibers to meet various needs. The Lenzing Group uses environmentally responsible processes to produce plant-derived Lenzing™ Lyocell and Modal cellulose fibers from sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. Wood is the basis of all products of the Lenzing Group. Wood pulp from forests is converted into bio-based LENZING™ lyocell fiber and modal fiber for various industrial applications and consumer products. LENZING™ Lyocell LENZING™ Lyocell fiber is known for its natural comfort and environmentally responsible production process. They provide quality, performance and versatility. Unique physical properties make it have high toughness, moisture management and mildness to the skin. LENZING™ Modal has bright color and is known for its delicate softness and skin-friendly comfort. LENZING™ Modal fiber has high flexibility, giving textiles a natural soft quality. The blending of Lenzing™ Modal fiber and other fibers can significantly improve the softness of the fabric and improve the overall comfort. LENZING™ FR LENZING™ FR is a sustainable, inherently flame-retardant cellulose fiber based on the well-known modal fiber production process. LENZING™ FR fiber meets the definition of "inherently flame-retardant and fire-resistant fiber" by the European Man-made Fiber Association (CIRFS). LENZING™ FR is usually mixed with other high-performance fibers to provide unique protection solutions for various industrial applications. LENZING™ FR fibers generally provide protection and higher comfort for these blended fabrics. By enhancing the breathability of fabrics, they significantly reduce thermal stress, which is a major problem, especially in hot climates.

When you use the MatJack airbag, you will get one of the simplest and most versatile tools available today for lifting and moving heavy objects. MatJacks are widely used in various industries to lift heavy machinery on construction sites, set up and adjust manufactured buildings, and assist movers. MatJacks are used for upright flipping rigs and are indispensable equipment for fire and rescue departments. MatJacks are made in the United States and have been popular around the world for more than 25 years. When you need a rugged and durable multifunctional air jack, just buy the best airbag-MatJacks.

The origins of Niedner can be traced back to 1895, when Charles Henry Niedner immigrated to North America and began manufacturing linen fire hoses in Malden, Massachusetts. In the first half of this century, flax fire hose represents an important part of forestry and indoor fire protection requirements. The Malden factory expanded and business increased, and in 1914 a second manufacturing plant was established in Coaticook, Quebec. The plant was added in several stages and was finally decommissioned in 1992. In the same year, Niedner invested USD 3,300,000 and built a new manufacturing center. This state-of-the-art facility covers an area of ​​more than 80,000 square feet (7,400 square meters) and is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of rigid and flat liquid distribution hoses for domestic and export production. Tyco Fire and Security Services’ commitment will ensure continued growth and is committed to meeting the needs of our customers now and in the future. The sum of these changes allows Niedner to provide a wide range of products, including traditional braided jacketed rubber-lined fire hoses and Niedner's first lightweight polyurethane-lined hose in North America. These light products have been produced for more than two decades and account for the main part of Niedner's production. The weight reduction by half, the storage space by a third, the flexibility at extremely low temperatures and the increased strength-to-weight ratio make Niedner a major supplier for forestry, municipal, industrial, indoor protection, government, and the snowmaking market. The continued commitment to the development of new products and manufacturing methods ensures that Niedner will be recognized as a world leader in the hose industry in the next few years.

High-quality products are worthy of high-quality people and engineering! At POK, we believe in our products and our ability to provide firefighters around the world with the right tools to save lives and minimize property damage. We only sell what we fully believe in to distributors, manufacturers and end users. Any buyer should check the product carefully, and so should the manufacturer. Therefore, before we deliver the products, each product undergoes laboratory testing, on-site wear testing, and strict "hands-on" testing by the end user to ensure performance and quality. Our staff and product line are growing every day. Our employees understand their products, guarantee performance, and provide the most advanced services. With a common goal in mind, POK USA, POK FRANCE, POK GERMANY and POK ASIA will only deliver the highest quality products that have proven to be capable of extinguishing devastating destroyer fires. The only choice behind the scenes of the latest innovative fire fighting equipment... POK. Vision Statement Through hands-on work, a fruitful sales development plan, and overall positive spirit and dedication, we will wholeheartedly compete in the industry to create the best fire fighting equipment. Mission Statement Our mission is to make the world of firefighting a better equipped and safer environment. We strive to be recognized by our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders as a quality company for fire protection equipment in the fire protection, marine, industrial markets and other hazardous environment industries. Commitment to contract We at POK are committed to providing our customers with the best, quality and price-sensitive fire fighting equipment through each established sale. We are committed to the valuable opinions of our customers, listen to their feedback and take immediate action! We promise to handle customer relations honestly and fairly. We want our customers to feel that they have established a personal relationship with the entire team of POK. They understand, realize and grow with the needs of customers.

The Rosenberg Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of fire trucks. With a variety of municipal fire trucks and antennas that comply with European and American standards (NFPA), a wide range of aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFF) and industrial fire trucks, advanced fire protection components and fire safety equipment, ROSENNBAUER is the industry's "full line". ROSENBAUER is an international group with the most powerful sales and distribution organization for mobile fire protection and civil defense solutions. With its global sales and customer service network, ROSENBAUER has a long-term presence in more than 100 countries. ROSENBAUER supplies its products to all target groups: professional and voluntary fire brigades, industrial and airport fire brigades. The Group's technological leadership is based on the tradition of innovative strength and an institutionalized design management system. Its core technology lies in complex, customized fire protection systems and vehicles. All the processes required in this regard are concentrated under one roof: the design and production of all fire protection systems, the superstructure of fire protection engineering, and the electronic and pneumatic control of the entire system. ROSENBAUER International AG, headquartered in Leonding, Austria, is the holding company of the group, and 89% of its revenue comes from exports. It is not only the largest production company in the group, but also a global competence center for its AT series fire trucks, aircraft rescue and fire fighting trucks (ARFF), industrial fire trucks and fire fighting components.

With an annual production capacity of 600 vehicles, SIDES is the leading manufacturer of firefighting and rescue vehicles in France. It has recognized expertise and long-term experience in the design and manufacture of airport, industrial, national defense and civil firefighting and rescue vehicles. protect. As it is active in more than 100 countries/regions, SIDES is capable of meeting the most stringent international requirements. SIDES continues to strengthen its human resources and equipment to provide customers with the quality assurance they deserve.

Streamlight is a "hands-on" company. We learn by doing, so we understand the needs of our customers because we are there to do what they do, using the same lighting tools in the same way. We have received training from firefighters. We take a low-light shooting course. We are hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Our President Brad Penney carried his Streamlight flashlight on many of his hunting trips. Our hunting and fishing marketing director is an avid hunter. Many of our law enforcement sales managers are gun collectors, hunters, and competitive shooters. We believe that it is our hands-on real-world experience that will give birth to the new ideas and innovations that make Streamlight unique. Who knows what we will come up with next? We attach great importance to going out and talking with our customers. We hold a focus group to discuss what they like our products; but we are more interested in what they don’t like, what needs to be improved, and what lighting problems remain to be solved. Customer feedback helps us to continuously improve existing products and create new and better products. Since the most extreme hazardous conditions are usually in dark places, Streamlight has created a complete series of safety grade lights. For the industrial market, we have developed lighting tools that can be used safely even in explosive atmospheres and other potentially explosive environments. With Streamlight Stylus Reach®, automotive technicians can now easily see the smallest and darkest engine gap. This is a powerful, lightweight flashlight with a flexible cable. Our green LED clip-on penlights and headlights make outdoor enthusiasts safer. LED lights are so powerful that they can be seen from a mile away. Our success is directly related to our ability to satisfy our customers. So we attach great importance to customer service. Our internal sales department includes experts in every market we serve. They received extensive training on all our products and even worked in assembly lines and repair shops. They thoroughly understand Streamlight products. They understand the challenges you face, and they know how to help you find the best lights and get the most out of your purchases. We will work with you and do everything we can to help you. Streamlight manufactures sturdy, durable, and long-lasting lights. We provide them with the same powerful warranty service. If there is a problem, we will not make excuses-we will do well. Streamlight guarantees that its products are free of defects during the entire life cycle of use. We will choose to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Streamlight product that is unusable during your possession or that you manage to damage. Of course, this limited lifetime warranty does not cover abuse, batteries, light bulbs and chargers. The warranty period for rechargeable batteries and chargers is 1 year. In case you encounter problems with Streamlight products, please visit to find the location of a Streamlight authorized repair center near you. No wonder Streamlight is recognized globally as a leading supplier of high-quality portable lighting solutions. Our products are distributed in more than 60 countries/regions, and our website is available in four languages.

Since the invention of the fire pump, it has been difficult for firefighters to obtain the correct nozzle pressure. Based on a simple and reliable design, the Task Force Tip nozzle solves this problem by constantly adjusting to adapt to the changing pressure of the hose line. The company was originally developed by Clyde McMillan and is still managed in the personal style of the McMillan family. Over the years, many other products have been continuously developed to make firefighting work more effective and safer for firefighters all over the world. Therefore, the company that initially started in the basement of the home has grown and expanded many times to meet the ever-expanding market demand. The continued interest in maintaining the cutting edge of technology, the in-depth use of computerization at all levels, and the strong desire for continuous innovation in research and development have made Task Force Tips one of the leading companies in the fire protection industry.

Ziamatic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of fire and safety equipment. Ziamatic Corp. (ZICO) was established in 1958 to provide men and women in the fire protection industry with products that make their jobs safer and easier. Forty-nine years later, this is still our philosophy. For nearly half a century, ZICO has designed and developed many new products. Every new design has one thing consistent: quality. Before the product is attached with the ZICO name and enters the page of our website or our catalog, it will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our high standards. ZICO thanks all our valued customers for their support over the years. We promise to continue to provide you with quality products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You will always know that when you see the "ZICO" name on a product, it is durable.

"R" HEROES is headquartered in the United States and produces firefighter work shirts and clothing.

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