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Until I bought my first house, I thought a garden hose was a garden hose. I didn't realize the huge difference in build quality, diameter, function and purpose. Major manufacturers such as Continental, Flexzilla, Gilmour, Worth Garden, etc. produce various hoses to handle many applications. We have created this guide to choose the best garden hose for your home so that you can avoid some of the problems we have encountered over the years.

You may not realize that garden hoses have different diameters. The diameter of the garden hose determines the water flow. Although length also affects flow rate, diameter is a more important factor. For example, a basic 25-foot 1/2-inch hose provides approximately 9.5 gallons per minute (GPM). The same 25-foot hose with a diameter of 3/4 inch can provide 10 GPM.

Length also affects the flow rate. You may see that the water flow of a 5/8-inch 50-foot hose is the same as the water flow of a 1/2-inch 25-foot hose. If you need a specific minimum flow rate, please pay attention to the hose diameter and length to ensure that your needs are met.

Here is how length and diameter affect the water flow of a garden hose based on a 50 PSI faucet:

When you plan to drag it into the yard, the durability of the garden hose is really important. Therefore, when the hose is well stored in the reel and is only used directly for watering a small area of ​​the landscaping, you can use a less sturdy design. The best garden hose for your home is strong enough to withstand years of use. You need a product that does not have pinholes or separation of connectors and hoses.

Notes on non-kink hose

Almost any hose will be kinked. Any manufacturer boasting "no kinks" design is questionable. However, some hoses are pre-coiled, and they do a good job of preventing kinks, but at the cost of effective use of their length. On ordinary hoses—even those labeled "No Kink"—you can minimize kinks by always retracting the hose with at least some water in it. In addition, when manually winding the hose, be sure to use the "up and down" winding method instead of winding the hose (such as a spring) in the same direction. Finally, don't let the hose kinks stay-especially in the sun. These kinks are easy to produce "memory" and will come back every time the hose is opened and used.

We discuss various hose materials below. After many years of testing and use, the manufacturer's choice of materials will definitely affect the long-term durability of the hose.

Because we find that overly long hoses are cumbersome, you need to make sure you don’t over-buy them. Before picking up a hose that weighs more than you need, calculate the length you need. Garden hoses usually come in four different sizes: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet.

If you really need a longer hose, be sure to choose the size that suits the task at hand. However, if you just want the flexibility provided by the longer hose, consider picking up two hoses and connecting the additional shorter hose to the first as needed. This usually works better, and shorter hoses are less expensive than longer hoses. If one fails, your bill will be much less than if you bought a large hose.

Manufacturers can make garden hoses from any combination of rubber, extruded polyurethane, and vinyl. Among them, rubber may be the most expensive material, and you will not often find 100% rubber hoses. Before you encounter problems, rubber hoses can well prevent abuse and wear. If you want a hose to support drinking water, make sure it is of this grade. The hoses that support drinking water usually use polymers listed by NSF International, rather than PVC or other plastics, which can seep into the water when you drink.

Believe it or not, the end of the hose is important-at least for us. The joints that form the end of the garden hose are usually made of brass (although some use aluminum). However, recently manufacturers have been using plastics (you may also see mixed ends that use metal and plastic at the same time). No matter which type of hose comes with your hose, if the hose is still valid and only the ends need maintenance, you can replace them.

We are also beginning to appreciate hoses with fully "gripable" threaded internally threaded ends. This means that instead of just turning a fixed nut to connect the hose to the socket, you can grab a slender part that can rotate freely. This allows you to more easily connect and disconnect hoses from other hoses or home or business faucets.

If you end up with a hose that only has a fixing nut for screwing into the socket, the hexagonal shape allows you to use a wrench on stubborn connections. Use a pair of water pump pliers at the circular connection. When you squeeze hard, you will often slip or even overwhelm it.

For various reasons, this heavy-duty, lightweight, and drinking-safe hose is at the top of our list. First of all, we like the durability of the design. Although we do not agree that it has no kinks, it will not kinks under normal use. If you end it irresponsibly-like most hoses-all the bets are gone. The hose uses "SwivelGrip Connections" encapsulated aluminum connectors. It provides you with a good grip when tightening and loosening the hose from other hoses or sleeves.

The hose is available for drinking (you can drink). If you drag it over bricks or other rough surfaces, it can also resist damage caused by abrasion. It is not the cheapest hose you want to buy, but it should last for many years at a price of about $45. You can also find lengths from 3 feet (very suitable as a short "connection" hose) to 100 feet.

However, before buying, you must understand the limitations of flexible or expandable hoses. They are not the most durable, and they rarely last long if placed in the sun. However, if you don't plan to use it around sharp objects (such as thorns) and don't need to put it outside to be heated, when you don't want the volume or length, the expansion hose can really reduce the load or traditional hose design.

The quick-connect aluminum end is detachable, so you have more options for accessories. This model is 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet or 100 feet long. One of our editors used this 25-foot hose ($25) on his truck as a quick solution to flush his boat with fresh water while at the dock.

If your priority is to reduce weight, you can't go wrong with the 5/8 inch diameter x 25 feet Xhose Pro Dac-5 high-performance lightweight expandable garden hose. DAC-5 refers to the polyester outer layer, which provides more protection than normal for the expansion hose.

We like the integrated shut-off valve and the linear scalability of the hose itself. When there is no water, the hose will shrink to 1/3 of its size. This makes it easy to store inside and away from heat, which tends to make these hoses brittle over time. You can pick up a 25-foot, 50-foot, 75-foot, or 100-foot DAC-5 hose. Prices range from US$20 to US$60.

For various reasons, we like the Sunday Gartenkraft XW-50B retractable garden hose reel. First, you will get a steel mounting system instead of plastic. The system can be easily installed on bricks, plaster or studs using the included brackets. After installing the bracket, the hose reel only needs to be installed above the keyhole mount.

Second, unlike most hose reels that only use one general configuration, Sunday provides you with a variety of hose diameters and length options. If the hose is damaged, you can also replace the hose completely. Be sure to use the same size as the device you purchased.

We think that 5/8" x 50 or 75 feet should be suitable for most situations, but if you need an extra hose, you can buy a 100 foot model. If you really need the distance, they even have a 1/2 inch x 130 foot model.

Craftsman Premium-Duty Red Hose became our first brand choice in this list of the best garden hoses. As long as you only need a 50-foot red hose, it can have any color and length. In addition, we like that it is assembled in the United States and has octagonal brass fittings that can be tightened or loosened more easily as needed.

This hose has no frills, but you can get a maximum pressure rating of 300 psi, hot water support at 180°F, and a reinforced housing that lasts longer than most hoses. Only more than 40 dollars, this is our easy selection of the best rubber garden hose.

The most durable and durable garden hose we know of is the Element Contractor Farm 3/4 inch x 100 foot hose. This drinking water hose has an internal pressure rating of 500 psi and a beautiful thick jacket. On the side of the hose bib, you will get a reinforced brass fitting that allows you to hold it well for tightening when needed. In this way, this durable garden hose is not limited to the hose itself, but runs through the entire design.

There is no strain relief on the spray or output end, but it has a hex handle so you can use a wrench when needed.

The 100-foot model costs $75, which is not a cheap heavy-duty garden hose. However, Element also provides a lifetime warranty for our favorite ContractorFarm hose.

Garden hose maintenance does not involve many steps. You basically want to take care of this "tool", it will work for many years.

When not in use, find a place to store garden hoses in a cool place. Does this mean that you must not store it in the sun? will not. However, if any hose is left in direct sunlight for too long, it will eventually rot. External materials will dry and rot, rubber will dry and crack, and vinyl will harden.

Remove any kinks before storing-and do not wrap garden hoses in kinks. If stored for long periods of time (especially in the sun), even the best garden hose will remain permanently kinked. Keep your hoses kinked and smooth, they will make it easy for you to use for years.

If a leak does occur, try a quick fix. Small holes can usually be repaired with a pipe or hose repair kit. However, if you wait too long, the small needle leakage may rupture into a total rupture. At that time, you need to cut off the hoses on both sides of the leak and reconnect them with new fittings.

Do you live in a cold climate? If so, make sure to bring the hose indoors when the temperature drops below freezing. Excess water stored in the closed hose may expand and freeze, causing rupture. You may think that the hose is empty, but icing will gradually occur, and the pinched area of ​​the garden hose will quickly become a problem. If you use a hose reel, you may even need to install the entire unit from the wall and bring it indoors.

Replace the gaskets that provide the seal between the hose and socket and between the hose and nozzle. These will deteriorate over time. This can cause the hose to be over-tightened, which can damage the threads over time. Your hose should be easily and quickly connected to the faucet and nozzle. If you must stop the connection, you may need a new gasket.

When we judge the best garden hose, we look at various indicators to help us decide the best choice. Of course, our final decision is somewhat subjective, but it is also the result of careful consideration of various factors. Over the years, we have honed these into content that we believe will help us provide reliable choices when recommending tools or other products.

We have used garden hoses for decades, so we have a lot of personal experience to learn from when choosing the best garden hose options. Finally, we feel that you can really rely on and trust the choices in this list.

Whether you pick up a rubber hose or a hose made of polyethylene, the way the garden is made determines its lifespan. There is nothing worse than getting a hose and discovering that it can only last for a season. The garden hose should last for many years-especially if you take care of it. Our recommendation is to look at the construction quality of each hose to determine whether it should be maintained reasonably over time. Over the years, we have used a dozen or more brands of hoses, and our team recognizes good build quality and cost-cutting measures aimed at making money quickly.

When looking at the best garden hoses, you usually don't think of a choice. When we say "options", we mean-can you buy hoses of various lengths? Most of our options have hoses of 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet. Why is this important? Not everyone has the same needs. If you only need 50 feet, then it is useless to provide the best garden hose options that are only 100 feet in size. (Of course, you can always buy two...but we digress).

We also like that the hose contains useful options, such as the enclosed shut-off valve and nozzle.

Value is important. How much you need to invest in a good garden hose is important. We don't mind spending more money, but it must be delivered. For this reason, we look for products that provide superior build quality or functionality.

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