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2021-11-29 02:56:31 By : Ms. Tracey Lu

Finding a garden hose for a large yard is particularly challenging because you must consider the location of the tap and the water pressure, not to mention whether you have trees or other obstructions.

It seems almost impossible to find something useful. Fortunately, there are many different types of hoses and materials, making it easier than ever to find the right hose for you.

Most hoses have a length range of 25-100 feet. For most large sizes, hoses around 75 feet are ideal. However, as long as there is sufficient water pressure, a 100-foot hose will also work.

Note that longer hoses are not always better, as they are usually heavier and more expensive. If possible, measure the furthest point you need to reach with the hose, and then buy something slightly longer. This should save you money and time.

Diameter is also important, but usually less important for larger sizes. The larger the diameter of the hose, the heavier it is and the greater the water pressure required. The most common size for garden hoses is 5/8 inches, which is suitable for most households.

The most common materials for garden hoses include vinyl, rubber, and polyurethane. However, there are many hoses made of materials and combinations of metal and fabric.

If you plan to use a hose for summer fun, polyurethane is the best choice. Other common materials (such as vinyl) may immerse chemicals in water, making them unsafe to eat.

For garden or general use, most materials are fine. For extremely long hoses, metal is especially common because it makes the hose durable regardless of size. On the other hand, if you need to carry hoses frequently, light materials such as latex are a good choice.

Although often overlooked, couplings are especially important for people with large sizes. This is because hoses can be combined to reach greater distances. Inexpensive fittings are prone to leaks, which can be a big problem if you are far away from the water source.

The three main materials of the coupling are aluminum, plastic and brass. Plastic is the cheapest, and brass is the most expensive. Aluminum is a happy medium, but it is easy to bend.

Kegemor 100-foot light garden hose: available on Amazon

This lightweight latex garden hose is specially designed for large gardens. It has a durable brass coupling and is easy to move.

Aqua Joe 50-foot stainless steel garden hose: available on Amazon

Although it is only 50 feet long, this stainless steel hose is very durable and lightweight. However, due to its half-inch diameter, it is best for easy work such as watering plants.

Bionic steel 75-foot garden hose: available at Amazon and Home Depot

This garden hose is 75 feet long and is perfect for most large sizes. It is made of stainless steel, and although it is a bit heavy, it is also durable.

Fitt 100-foot heavy-duty commercial grade water pipe: Available at Home Depot

This commercial-grade water pipe has a diameter of 5/8 inches and a length of 100 feet, making it most suitable for households with good water pressure. However, it is built for hard work and is durable.

Flexzilla 25-foot heavy-duty garden hose: available on Amazon

Although this hose does not have the length required for most large sizes, it is a good choice if you have multiple taps. It is 25 feet tall, durable, lightweight and easy to move.

Make sure you are looking for real garden hoses, because each type of hose has a different function. If you have a large yard and are trying to water the plants according to the established schedule, a sprinkler hose, soaking hose, or drip irrigation system may be more effective.

For large yards, sprinkler and immersion hoses are best used in conjunction with garden hoses. They are suitable for watering fixed areas such as flower beds or vegetable gardens.

Drip irrigation system requires planning, but it is a good choice for vegetable gardens that require frequent watering. Although they require more work initially, they minimize the number of hoses you drag and save you time in the long run.

Gilmour 50-foot 2-in-1 sprinkler and soaking hose: Available on Amazon

Because it can be soaked and sprayed, this versatile hose is a convenient choice for large flower beds.

DIG drip irrigation and micro sprinkler kit: available at Home Depot

Although a large yard requires some planning, if you have a faucet, drip irrigation is ideal for convenient watering

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