Komatsu adopts ZJ32Bi battery electric large truck without hose-International Mining

2021-11-29 02:57:42 By : Mr. Fan Bob

Komatsu unveiled a new underground hard rock drilling rig with multiple advanced features at the 2021 MINExpo in Las Vegas this week, including a hoseless boom.

The company stated that the ZJ32Bi is a battery-electric mid-level giant car built on a common platform to increase user adoption and effective training. The new machine offers a standard simplified hose configuration-only six per boom-with no hose option. At this event, Komatsu showed a new giant aircraft with two booms and zero hoses.

According to the company, the hoseless boom completes all fluid and communication transmissions in the boom cylinder, providing a potential game changer in terms of automation and productivity. The hoseless boom also eliminates the need to consider hoses in automated algorithms and eliminates the wear between the inner and outer arm tubes, improving drilling accuracy over time.

Komatsu said that due to the universal platform of the ZJ32Bi, it essentially becomes a multifunctional drilling machine.

Other main features of ZJ32Bi include:

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